WordPress Recipe SEO Plugin with Ziplist Import (Alpha)

On November 10 2014 we should be ready with an alpha version of the Recipe SEO plugin, which allows Ziplist import, rich snippet markup, recipe organization, “Save Recipe” and “Save to Grocery” features letting cooks take your recipes with them on mobile and tablet, and more.

At this writing, we invite WordPress experts (those comfortable making a backup of their blog data and restoring it if need be) to test out the pre-release version of the plugin.  It will undergo a few more changes before being put into the WordPress plugin directory.

Please drop us a request for the pre-release plugin, and we’ll email you the link.

It will require familiarity with WordPress plugin manual installation, and you must first backup your blog’s mySQL database.  We won’t be releasing it to the WordPress library until beta, planned for later in November; that won’t require any FTP access to your blog.

Release Notes

  1. When you press “Import from Ziplist”, note that the process is one-way.  So, be sure to make a backup copy of your WordPress database before choosing this option.It will go through your recipes that you added via the Ziplist plugin and create copies of the recipes in the new BigOven recipe plugin format.  This allows you to search for the recipes in the “Recipes” menu item and insert or link to them anywhere.
  2. We are not yet releasing this to the plugin directory — to install it, you’ll need to follow the manual-instructions method.  It’s easy — essentially, you unzip the plugin files, connect to your site’s server using FTP, navigate to the wp-content folder within the WordPress installation for your website or blog, find the wp-content/plugins directory, and place the folder there.  That’s it!

Reporting bugs and feature suggestions

We certainly want to know any bugs you find, with specific information on your WordPress installation (version, platform) and steps to reproduce the problem.

In addition to bugs, we’d love to understand what would make it the best plugin for you as a food blogger.  What would you like to see that would make your life easier, or your readers happier?  On the list:  print-friendly formatting and a few other features — but what’s on your list?  Help us prioritize our work.  Let us know.


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