How to add “Save Recipe” button to your recipes

If you’re an advanced WordPress developer or a WordPress recipe plugin developer, we’d be delighted to have you add the easy “Save Recipe” button to recipes.  It takes only a few moments to grocery-list and save-button enable your recipe posts.  Here’s how it’s done.

How to Implement “Save Recipe” Button To Invoke the Clipper

The BigOven Recipe Clipper lets cooks save a recipe for later and also add a recipe to the grocery list.  This lets them use the free BigOven apps to carry the grocery list to the grocery store, and keeps them coming back to your blog with a handy link to the recipe.  It also opens up longer-term promotional opportunities, as BigOven editors look at the most-clipped recipes and highlight them within the app, linking off to your blog.  (We will also be promoting the source blogs in the future, as we spotlight “best of web” content, but more on that in 2015.)

To implement the “Save Recipe” button, simply add the “doSaveRecipe()” function once on the page (or reference in a separate script file), then render the button in the upper right of the recipe.

This code will invoke the BigOven Recipe Clipper, letting cooks make grocery lists and save the recipe.  It looks for recipes in Google Rich Snippets Recipe format — first looking for LD+JSON and if not, the Recipe recipe format.

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