If you’re a website or blog platform plugin developer, we’d be delighted to have you add the easy “Save Recipe” button to recipes.  It takes only a few moments to grocery-list and save-button enable your recipe posts. It takes only a minutes, and brings you and food bloggers who use your work lots of marketing, search-engine and usability benefits.

Here’s how it’s done.

How to Implement the “Save Recipe” Button

To implement the “Save Recipe” button, you just need two lines of code. Simply add the header script add the “doSaveRecipe();” function once on the page (or reference in a separate script file), then render the button in the upper right of the recipe.

You’ll also likely want some administrative UI to turn this feature on or off.

That’s it!

The button graphic and/or CSS is up to you of course, but we’ve supplied an option above. This code will invoke the BigOven Recipe Clipper, letting cooks make grocery lists and save the recipe.  It looks for recipes in Google Rich Snippets Recipe format — first looking for LD+JSON and if not, the Recipe recipe format.

Test It Out

Once the site is visible on the public internet, click the Save button, and it should invoke the clipper dialog. If you have any technical problems enabling this, please file a support ticket with us with the heading “Developer Inquiry Regarding Save Button Plugin.”

Expected behavior:

  1. User clicks Save button
  2. Clipper window pops up asking for sign in if you are not yet signed in with a free account
  3. Lets you save the recipe and hits confirmation page
  4. Recipe is linked (without displaying intructions to user) with clear links back to the original source content

Using WP Recipe Maker or Other Recipe Plugins?

You can still enable the Save Recipe feature, for free! See our technote on enabling save features for WP Recipe Maker and other plugins.