BigOven®, a leading software platform for foodies, has easy-to-use, free WordPress plugins  that help make your food blog better.  Simply install the free BigOven Recipe SEO Plugin, or see how to enable “Save Recipe” via our authorized, supported partner plugins.

Here’s how it improves your blog:

  • Your site gets more search-engine friendly. Search-engine “rich snippet” markup makes it much more likely your blog will show up with photos and more in search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Your readers can save your recipes for later. BigOven’s free recipe box features are instantly enabled; there’s nothing you need to do. Your readers can make a collection of their favorite recipes and come back to you over and over.
  • Your readers get an easy mobile grocery list. Your readers can add your recipes right to their grocery list; their grocery list will automatically sort by aisle, saving them time in the grocery store. Their grocery list syncs with free, award-winning mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Your readers get an easy menu planner.  Your recipes can be dropped onto a menu plan, and then any date range can be turned into a grocery list with a simple tap.
  • You can choose from multiple display styles – customize the presentation of your recipes with different recipe card templates. Advanced users can easily modify well-structured CSS files in the plugin to get just the right look.
  • You get a handy Recipe Manager for your posts – never enter the same recipe twice!  The BigOven plugin gives you a dashboard for your recipes.  Search them easily; update them once and they’re updated throughout your site.
  • You’ll be eligible for cost-free, no-effort promotion from BigOven, an app with millions of users each month. (Requires the Save Recipe plugin to be eligible.)  Our editors will notice and highlight the recipes catching the eye of cooks around the world, directing new cooks right back to your site.

It’s easy, and it’s free.

Make your recipes mobile, manage your recipes in an easy-to-use dashboard, and simplify things for your readers.  Your recipes come with links that send the cooks back to your site time and again. Plus, when you enable the “Save Recipe” button, you’ll be eligible for additional free branded exposure from BigOven with direct links to your site.

Get our free recipe plugin, or check the great solutions from authorized partners.  Using EasyRecipe Plus, Recipe Hero, or WP-Ultimate Recipe?  It’s as simple as changing a setting.

See It in Action

Try it out yourself: see the Save Recipe feature in action on several blogs.

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