Using EasyRecipePLUS? It’s easy to add “Save Recipe” features to your recipes.

The wonderful team at EasyRecipePLUS have added “Save Recipe” support to their powerful food-blogger WordPress plugin.   This is a very easy-to-use plugin for food bloggers, including formatting, print preview, recipe organization, import from Ziplist and much more.

New: Enable a “Save” Button On Your Recipes

In a single click, you can add a handy “Save” button on your recipe card, so that your readers can easily carry your recipes with them to the grocery store.  Your readers can your recipes to their grocery list immediately, then carry it to the grocery store with the free BigOven mobile apps.  This is all available for free for both you and your readers.

For example, here’s a screenshot from GlamorousBite, a beautiful food blog.

Note the “Save” button under the recipe photo.  This simple button lets readers save that recipe to their grocery list and/or personal recipe collection, launching the BigOven Recipe Clipper.  The copy of the recipe always carries with it the original link to your recipe.  The instructions are hidden, ensuring the consumer visits your original link for the recipe preparation.


If you’re using EasyRecipe PLUS, it takes seconds to enable this button.

  1. Visit your admin area (generally this link is
  2. Ensure you have the latest version of EasyRecipePLUS.  (It’s just $24.95 at this writing, and in our opinion, well-worth it.)
  3. Click on “EasyRecipe” in the left hand bar to bring up the settings area. (#1 in image below)
  4. Click “Save to BigOven”.  (#2 in image below)

That’s it!

(Shown in the screenshot below is the “Beta” of this plugin, but it’s now in full release.)



1.1.2 Plugin Released – Print Support!

The free Recipe SEO and Save Recipe Plugin has been updated with Print support!  By using this plugin:

  • Your recipes are marked up in “Rich Snippets” format, making them more search-engine-friendly to Google and Bing
  • Your readers get “Save Recipe” features, letting them keep a copy of your recipe with a link back to your blog
  • Your readers get a handy print-version of your recipe (one option is provided today, more options will follow in future free updates)
  • You get a handy Recipe Organizer, letting you keep a library of recipes and insert them in any blog post
  • If you’ve used Ziplist in the past, it’ll import your old Ziplist-formatted recipes

Get the Recipe SEO and Save Recipe Plugin today from the WordPress Plugin Directory.